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Payment Solutions and FX Risk Management

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Our SME risk management solutions and FX payments are perfectly suited to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises that want to manage their exposure to currency fluctuations.


We process payments every day, around the clock and around the world, in over 200 countries, for more than 35,000 customers in just about every business category. In today’s volatile foreign exchange market, it is imperative that all micro, small and medium-sized enterprises exposed to currency fluctuations have the tools and knowledge to manage their exposure.



Our SME-centric solutions include:



FX Payments

  • AFEXDirect - Our secure online platform provides live exchange rates and full visibility of your currency balances as well as your incoming and outgoing payments. 
  • Spot Transactions - A strategy that allows you to take advantage of the prevailing exchange rate at any given time to buy or sell currency for immediate delivery.

Foreign Currency Risk Management

  • Forward Contracts - Lock in an exchange rate for a future purchase without tying up all your cash flow.
  • Rate Orders - Set a target exchange rate at which you wish to buy or sell foreign currency

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