Richard Poulton, Managing Director, Asia Pacific

“My name is Richard Poulton and I am the Managing Director, Asia Pacific at AFEX. I have worked in the foreign exchange market since 2003 with my AFEX career starting on the sales floor in London, in 2005. In 2006, I relocated to Australia to set up the Sydney operation. During my time in Australia, I expanded the business to five different offices and progressed from Sales Manager to Sales Director and in January 2012 I moved on to become the Managing Director for Asia Pacific.

I have extensive FX experience spanning three different markets, London, Sydney, and LA. I am RG146 accredited in foreign exchange and options in Australia, and have financial regulation accreditation with the FSA in the UK. This is in addition to being associate accredited with the Australasian compliance institute and being a member of the YPO.

I am fully committed to further developing AFEX’s global presence and I am particularly excited about AFEX Singapore, and how we can offer our products and services to this market.”

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